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Korg Future Product Preview

Korg future product preview

Korg ARP2600M

Semi-Modular Synthesizer

coming soon

  • Identical circuitry and quality of ARP2600 full size in a modern, compact format ideal for desktop
  • 3 powerful oscillators, both generations of filters
  • Plug and play with any USB midi controller
  • Made in Japan


ARP2600m video

Korg miniKORG700 FS

2VCO monophonic analog synth

coming soon

  • Limited edition faithful reissue of KORG’s oldest mass-produced synth, with modern features added including programmability
  • Retro looks, rich and powerful sounds
  • Original miniKORG is considered the origin of KORG Synth technology
  • New features include: arpeggiator, joystick, CV and Gate inputs, and a spring reverb, and memory program buttons
  • Made in Japan ands developed with Fumio-Mieda, miniKORG original developer/engineer


mini700s video

Korg modwave

Wavetable Synthesizer

coming soon

  • Builds on the legacy of the groundbreaking Korg DW-8000
  • Wavetable synthesis taken to an exponential new level
  • All-new wavetables for never-before-heard sounds, plus PCM; blend wavetables and samples for all-new timbres.
  • 32 notes of polyphony; four time that of the hardware competition
  • Kaoss Physics-based modulation for deep, evolving modulations unlike any synth out there
  • Motion sequencing 2.0 for complex phrase recording and editing


modwave video

Korg LP380U

Digital Piano

coming soon

  • Expressive sounds, authentic feel, classic looks with modern connectivity
  • USB Audio and MIDI provide instant connection to teaching apps and recording software
  • RH3 Graded hammer action
  • Finely tuned speakers
  • Includes free trial to SKOOVE Piano teaching software
  • Made in Japan

Korg GM-1

Group Metronome

coming soon

  • For group movement and group practice of instruments, perfect for marching bands
  • Improved technology keeps devices synchronized even if tempo in changes
  • Build rhythm and sync with a group
  • Comfortable and secure fit
  • Comes in 2 pieces and 4 pieces
  • Highly functional and accurate
Korg GM 1 group metronome

Korg RK-100S 2BK/2RD


coming soon

  • 37-note slim keyboard for playability
  • microKORGXL+ engine on board; 8 notes polyphonic
  • Clear finish shows the woodgrain
  • Battery operation
  • Vocoder function
  • Soft case included


Korg Keytar video

korg keytar

Korg ST-WL

Wooden Leg Stand

coming soon

  • Stylish wooden legs compatible with SV-2 or D1 models
  • Your product already has the receptacles for them!
  • A great retro look for home or studio
Korg wooden leg stand for keyboard

Korg drumlogue

Analog/Digital Groovebox

future product preview

  • The drumlogue is a hybrid analog/digital groovebox that is currently under development
  • A combination of powerful raw analog parts and flexible digital voices for a wide sound spectrum
  • Intuitive hands-on control for quick editing as well as a dedicated librarian for easy patch and sequence management
  • Supports KORG ‘logue SDK Multi-Engine plugin oscillators


drumlogue video

Korg drumlogue

Korg wavestate SE

Wave Sequencing Synthesizer

future product preview

  • 61-key version of current 37-key wavestate now with aftertouch
  • New internal programs added, all sound programs optimized for aftertouch
  • Solid build, aluminum panel and knobs


Wavestate SE video

Korg wavestate SE Wave Sequencing Synthesizer

Korg EK-50 CSA

Entertainer Keyboard

future product preview

  • A Central /South American-focused EK-50, loaded with new Styles covering numerous genres from the regions.
  • Explore Styles from Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Brazil, and many more


EK 50 CSA video

Korg EK-50 CSA Entertainer Keyboard

Korg L1

Digital Piano

future product preview

  • Stylish and contemporary, 88 key, slim, lightweight and portable
  • Less than 3″ height and approximately 13lbs
  • Same LS Keybed in KRONOS LS
  • Simple press button and turn knob controls
  • Main power supply and battery powered option
  • 8watt amplifier and newly-designed speaker system plus a bass reflex box to deliver rich sound
  • USB connectivity, optional stand
  • Will come in black and 5 limited edition metallic colors
Korg L1 Digital Piano


Music Production Software

future product preview

  • Create music using virtual reality


Korg Gadget VR video

Korg Gadget VR

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